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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. right now we begin with breaking news. a wild police chase that just ended from philly into south jersey then back into philly through neighborhoods, over lawns, a shopping mall parking
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lot and even through the toll on the ben franklin bridge. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland that. chase almost two hours long. fox 29's dave kinchen was near fitch town when the driver passed right by. he's live in south philly to night. dave? >> reporter: we are here at the scene where this whole chase ended. this is down by the airport. atlantic aviation that's the facility near where all of this ended. you can see all of the police lights behind me here. i'll step out of the way. photographer kenyata henderson will show was we're looking at right now. we want to go to sky fox video that shows exactly how this chase ended. you'll see that this van flipped and rolled. this was moments ago after police rammed the vehicle at the atlantic aviation facility near that area we want to show you how this all started with skyfox video. we go to another video clip. that shows the suspect through camden county.
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he was also in the area of the deptford mall and then entered the parking lot of the mall and stopped and then started back up again. we want to go another clip that shows the suspect in that van driving over the ben franklin bridge through the tolls and at one point it look like he was going to stop. he slows down. but then picks back up and then crosses into old city through front street that area then center city and then goes up to i-95 northbound. now this is where he personally road right passed us he sped passed us. i was able to snap a picture and put it on twitter. police chasing him as he went to girard and then 95 towards fishtown and then another clip video he changed directions and then went south moving all the way down towards this area. this seen atlantic aviation where police were able to corner him. the vehicle rammed and flipping over. this all started out as an armed
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robbery situation in oakland. police from multiple jurisdictions working on this entire case, and just incredibly frightening situation. never seen a police chase speed right past us. suspect was arrested at this time. police southwest decks are on the scene. we have reports of two vehicles damaged in this whole chase. this whole thing wrapped up a very very situation much guys, back to you. >> certainly was thank you very much dave. you know you could have watched this chase unfold streaming life right on your smart phone or computer on don't forget you can get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone with fox 29 news app. download the app free from apple or google play crash. this accident left a pedestrian seriously hurt. skyfox over the scene near north mascher street in philadelphia's fair hill section tonight. police have not said how it happened.
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we do know that the victim is at temple hospital still unclear how bad his injuries are. on your radar another heat wave is on the way. live look at reading tonight if you thought today was hot and sticky get ready. it will be a lot more intense. scott, how hot are we talking here? >> lucy, we're talking feels like temperatures later on this week approaching the triple digits. a big shift in the pattern all of the low humidity, that's going to be going well to the north. we're watching this big dome of high pressure that will bring the trip tell h's our way. upper 70s philadelphia. 77 millville as well as wilmington. 67 degrees in the pocono mountains. but look at the humidity. 93% right now in the pocono mountains. 93% in dover. we're checking in with humidity right now in philadelphia at 74%. so the dew point the measure of moisture is moving into the 60s and 70s across the area tonight as well as the next several days days. so for tomorrow, it is going to be heating up. we're looking at temperatures by 11 a.m. 84.
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87 at 1:00. the high temperature tomorrow, 91 degrees. it is kind of steamy if you're stepping outdoors right now, but coming up we'll talk about how long this third heat wave is going to last and also if we could see the hottest temperatures so far this year. that's all coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. f you recognize this man burlington township police want to hear from you. they say they were called out to the wal*mart on mt. holly road yesterday. that's where they say joanne never known rona taking pictures of women underneath their dresses without their permission. police are concern the suspect may have done this before. and there could be more victims out there. >> take a crash into the front of this kensington store. the guys are inside after one thing the atm. they even tried to lasso it but their master plan has a big old problem. dave schratwieser has a story you'll see only on fox. >> reporter: would be smash and grab bandits pulled into the parking lot at this a plus mini
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mart just before 2:00 a.m. seconds later they backed up their pickup truck right through the front windows trying to steal the stores toes atm. >> it wasn't well planned out i can tell that you. >> reporter: as the truck crashed through the windows wiping out everything in its path, one of suspects fashioned a make shift lasso around the at atm. then got back in the pick up and off they went but the atm never moved. >> the store was open for business. there was customers inside. there were employees inside and they drove the truck through the front of that store. anybody could have gotten hurt so that was pretty wreck less. >> reporter: bandits kept on going minus the atm as startled customers and an employee looked on. police say they took the ford pickup truck around the corner to martha street and set it on fire. the truck was reported stolen. >> you really can't make out who they are. >> reporter: atm's have become a favorite target for criminals in recent weeks. last week works guys tried to blow up an atm with m100s to get some cash. it was their second attempt in a
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month. in june, two guys broke into a manayunk market and hauled the atm off with a hand cart and a white work van. >> that's where all the money is. people are target targeting atm's figuring they can money out but they're fairly secure. >> it's stupid for me. try to get money like that not worth it. better if you go to work. >> dave, says no one was injured in that last robbery attempt. you could see the damage to the store is extensive. so far no arrests in any of those recent cases. a massive co guard search for two missing boaters is getting bigger off the florida coast tonight. yesterday coast guard crews discovered the 19-foot boat perry cohen and austin instead of fan notice were in capsized 180 miles from where their south florida journey started. although that find is not encouraging, family members say they are not losing hope. they say the boys were headed for the bahamas but may have
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come across severe weather and while they're calling the teens experienced boaters coast guard officials say they have no clue why that vessel capsizeed. >> these weren't your typical 14-year-olds. they did have experience out in the water dealing with boats and getting underway and stuff like that. you know, things be fall even the most sure foot evidence mariners. >> by midnight the coast guard will have searched more than 27,000 square miles. that's an area of ocean about the size of west virginia. 5cvs pharmacies robbed in our area in recent weeks cops confirm three are related. now investigators trying to figure out if the same people are behind another one this morning in burlington county. fox 29 sabina kuriakose at that cvs in burlington township. what are investigators saying, sabina? >> reporter: iain the robberies all have three things in common suspects all look the same, they all happen around the same time of day and suspects all want one thing.
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this is the surveillance video burlington township police want to you see. armed man holding up a cvs on neck road just after the store opened yesterday. you might notice he looks awfully similar to the suspects in these other photos. from jersey to pennsylvania and delaware. >> when the one store employee walk out to go get the sunday papers she is yelled at by the male suspect, are you guys open. >> burlington township police looking whether that suspect is the same man who authorities say struck cvs store in ashton, newtown and abington. all the robberies happened on weekends right as the workers were opening for the day or locking up for the night. all within the last month. >> he did try to conceal his -- his face as he's walking in his head is down. avoiding the camera right there at entry. >> it scares me. like i always thought burlington that's a safe place.
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and seemed that people walking in there in the morning like with guns and stuff that scares me. like i'm 18 makes me want to stay in the house. >> trayvon black says he stops by cvs at least once a day grabbing items for his mom. bike ride from his burlington township home he says he might change the way he shops until the alleged gunmen are caught. >> probably go later at night. or midday. >> when there's more people around? >> yeah. >> if you're cvs this situation presents itself don't ab hero. >> reporter: that's right. detectives say follow any instructions that the suspect might give you. now, again if you recognize any of the suspects in those surveillance photos, burlington township police want to you call them. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, is a bone in a. we are still following breaking news right now. one wild chase across two states through mall parking lots, over bridges, we're talking all kinds of things. skyfox is live where it ended at atlantic aviation earlier tonight.
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so here you see kind of more of these subdued scenes much this guy we understand was wanted in oakland, new jersey, for a robbery. he was in white van that went across states and through the toll on the ben franklin. he blew red lights, stop signs signs. thank goodness nobody was hurt and this guy is under arrest. much more as the news warrants. medical examiners in georgia say they have found no obvious cause of death in the bobbi kristina brown the fulton county medical examiner's office says it will take weeks before it can make an official ruling. they have to wait for lab tests. 22-year-old bobbi kristina died yesterday six months after she was found unresponsive in bath tuck in atub.end entertainment tonight brown's family will bury her by her mother in new jersey. >> flames engulf a home with firefighters inside. these guys were not giving up what they tripped on that actual actually helped them save a life
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life. >> hiker stumbles on a crazy sight a man trapped aunt tree. he runs for help but the story takes a crazy turn. the mystery that was just solved. >> rumors swirling around the pope and his trip to philly. what the mayor admitted today you're probably not going to like. >> meet one of the most popular members of the staff at drexel university. jersey even has his own office. >> really his door is open to anybody who wants to come in and visit him. >> he's not just cute he has an important job to do. how this rescue dog is helping keep students healthy. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!?
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♪ we're on top of breaking news. skyfox live over where a chase ended late tonight. went for about two hours long. what you're looking at here is atlantic aviation south philly right near the airport. now, this thing had all kinds of agencies following one white van van. started right around 8:10 because the person in the white van we understand was wanted for robbery. began in oakland, new jersey of the went across the ben franklin bridge where the guy blew through a toll actually almost came to stop you can see his arm kind of outside of a window. didn't know what he was going to do it took off again made it to philly then caught up with him. more coming up. meanwhile the search is on tonight for the driver who slammed into a car in juniata park killing a man and took off. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been talking with the victim's family. >> she's at the accident investigation division in north philadelphia. shawnette. >> reporter: well, the victims are brothers, one survived one did not and tonight the family is devastated.
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>> why? why? >> inez lopez is overcome with grieve after her oldest son 42-year-old francis aurora was killed in a hit-and-run. >> he working every day. good son very very good son. >> it happened just after 10:30 last night at luzerne and i street in juniata park. francis was in the passenger seat his brother's mazda. his brother was driving him home few blocks away. he was making a u-turn when someone driving a white mitsubishi suv hit them and kept going. >> mostly thinking and crying. >> 14-year-old frankie is francis' son. he's devastated over the loss of his father who has a two-year-old son and another child on the way. >> it's hard. you got to accept it. very happy, you know, only thing we can do is pray god takes him in. >> before the driving the car didn't want to talk on camera but shows us how lucky he is to escaped the crash with minors scrapes and bruises. >> he hit me.
10:16 pm
go back go all the way and come back again. >> as police search for the driver of the suv. family pleads for the driver to turn himself in. >> she said the mean did it to turn himself in. the guy just ripped his son away from her. take look at this picture. the brother who survived the hit-and-run also says their dog was taken from the scene. he is asking whoever took it to return it. he says it's a therapy dog for this son who has special needs and back here life as for the investigation police say they found that suv that was involve in the hit-and-run. it was park outside of a home at ninth and rising sun. they say the car is registered to a man named alberto vangus and they would like to talk to him about who was driving his car at the time. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. a scary sight on a west philadelphia street this morning morning. black smoke pouring out of an
10:17 pm
open manhole. this was at 34th and girard. the question still tonight 12 hours later what happened? well it turns out there's some major confusion over who is in charge of it all both peco and septa say it's not their juries dick. we do know no one was hurt. bill cosby fighting a new public relations battle with new york magazine's bold cover article detailing the stories of 35 women who say bill cosby assaulted them. the magazine interviewed the women who gave their accounts of what they say the comedian did to them. they are lined up in chronological order of when they say it happened and they're all featured in pictures some even in videos. cosby has denied all the allegations against him and he's never faced any criminal charges. a hacker took down the new york magazine site this morning knocking it off line for most of the day. but it's now back. in comer land county an artist who makes beautiful creations out of wood forced to stop working. somebody stole the chainsaws he uses to make his works of art but that's when his neighbors stepped in. fox 29 weekend's bill anderson shows us their generosity for a friend in need.
10:18 pm
♪ >> reporter: unfortunately too often we have to cover stories on robberies so when chainsaw artist brian act monster got robbed of all of his tools, on the surface it seemed like just another sad story. >> that wall was packed with chainsaws and they're all gone. >> reporter: his bridgeton south jersey shop was robbed of virtually everything he needs to make his art, but that's where the sad story starts his wife told me the public decided to help. >> you try to find good in everybody but um, for the amount of -- everybody is doing you know, again as i say whether it's supporting their kindness or thoughts or their words or monetary or chainsaws it's just been really wonderful. >> reporter: people have dropped off chainsaws, stopped by just to say hello and offer their support an fundraising account set up by a friend is over $6,000 in a day.
10:19 pm
>> it's nice to have something bright come out of this whole thing because yeah, it took the wind out of our sales for a day or so. but with all of the people picking us back up there's sunlight at the this cloudy day. >> reporter: the joan ross is the of mostly strangers has brian to continue on with a planned trip of state fares and festival to sell his art that he thought he was going to have to cancel and that generosity has change wad he admits was a somewhat cynical view of society society. >> i thought there was little bit more bad in folks than there was good and i'm leaning a little bit towards the other way now that there's good -- month good in folks than bad. >> reporter: if anybody else wants to help we did put his fundraiseing page up on our fox 29 facebook page and it really is inspiring that a career, 15-year career that just 24 hours ago was in jeopardy this
10:20 pm
whole story may in fact have a positive ending because of the support of the community. here in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. man gets out of his suv for just a few minutes but it was just enough time for guys to swoop in and possession it. what they found inside so shocking they had to call police police. >> big break in search for a big cat roaming around a major city. the police corner the lion. surprise announcement for officers on the scene. >> she took second place in her science fair. her real test was still coming. how her project saved her grandpa's life. >> we're following a chase. we'll have a live report for you coming up at 10:30.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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♪ >> flames engulf this home as firefighters make their way through searching for pets trapped inside. this dramatic video just released from a camera mount to do a firefighter's helmet. the home near d.c. caught fire earlier this month and one firefighter tripped on a dog bed and found the animals. firefighters were able to pull two dogs from the burning home. one did die from its injuries. that house was destroyed. new tonight the boy scouts of america has ended its ban on gay leaders. the new policy passed the boy scouts national executive board by a 42-12 vote. it takes effect immediately. in 2013, the boy scouts decided
10:24 pm
to allow openly gay scouts and under the new policy the sexual orientation of prospective employees cannot figure into whether the boy scouts hire them them. surprising end in the case of a missing veteran outside washington d.c. >> police now know where he's been for the better part of a week and it's a place many probably would never have thought to look. man walking along a busy highway somehow spotted 66-year-old mark shadow pinned underneath a downed tree just feet from the road. that hiker flagged down a car and the driver called police. they don't know how many days he had been stuck there. firefighters eventually got him but they did need a little extra help. >> when he fell or slipped down this hill, he became wedged underneath of it to the point where he cannot free himself. as a matter of fact h firefighters first arrived on the scene and they tried to easily remove him they couldn't. they actually had to use their hydraulic equipment to raise that tree up off of his legs
10:25 pm
before he could be pulled out. >> thank goodness that hiker came by. paramedics say he was in actually in good shape when he they got him to the hospital. police believe he want the away from the elderly home for veterans we lives. >> a couple of guys wait for their moment to break in a local home through the window watch they did to stay hidden to caught our eyes. >> rumors swirling around the pope and his trip to fill. what the mayor admitted today you're probably not going to like then there's the weather. >> yeah, that's right. we are looking at another heat wave brewing lucy. hard to believe it was just in the 80s low 80s for highs. details on how long this heat wave will last next. >> scott thanks but first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 a wild chase comes to an end you watched it live on a white van chased by police from philly through south jersey then back through philadelphia yet again. police from both sides of the delaware river trying to get that driver to stop. >> fox 29's dave kinchen life where it all ended right off of i-95. dave you saw this thing fly by you in fishtown even. >> reporter: yeah absolutely. we were on girard. he flew right by us much this was a crazy crazy chase and right now we have new information that suspect is under arrest and at a hospital suspected of driving while inn tock indicated. that's from southwest detectives detectives. now, let's go to some video and we'll show you how all of this took place. you'll see that the suspect was driving that white van over the ben franklin bridge. multiple jurisdictions were involved in this incident that started out as an armed robbery in south jersey. south jersey agencies and
10:30 pm
philadelphia police watching this suspect as he drove over the ben franklin bridge through the tolls and all throughout old city and center city and like you said lucy right past us as we were on girard. he was flying by. and then everything came to an end here down by the airport at phl. by the atlantic aviation facility where police ran the vehicle cornered it you see the vehicle flip over and police say they had a lot of things working in their favor as they tried to bring the suspect to justice. >> a lot of coordination. you coordinate with jersey, pennsylvania, state police and philadelphia police so three agencies fortunately with the helicopter up it make it little bit easier on us. this pursuit lasted over two showers back and forth in two different states. could have been a lot worse than this. the time of the night the areas where he's traveling and it's monday night not a lot of people on the road worked in our favor this evening. >> reporter: just incredible coordination as you heard lieutenant walker say there
10:31 pm
between authorities and in two states in philadelphia and also in various parts of south jersey, camden county several areas. the suspect's name has not been released yet he's in custody at a hospital suspected of driving while inn tock indicated. armed robbery suspect a case stemming out of the camden county area. we did hear reports that two vehicles may have been damaged in this pursuit, in this case here but it all ended as you saw there when that vehicle flipped over, police moved in 26 quickly swiftly here at the atlantic aviation facility down by the airport. police are still on the scene right now processing this. but law enforcement forces saying a lost people put at risk here. even though it's a good thing that's a monday night and there weren't as many vehicles on the road. very, very scary situation. we will learn more about the suspect as police release those details to us for now we'll send it back to you. >> thank you dave. you know what, you could have watched this case actually chase
10:32 pm
unfold streaming life right op your smart phone or computer don't forget you can get breaking news alerts sent right to your phone with our fox 29 news app. download that app free from the apple or google play starts. >> cramped and crowded and very unnew york like. vice-president joe biden even compared laguardia airport to a third world country which is why one of america's busiest transit hubs is about get major overhaul overhaul. laguardia renovation plans centers on new unified double terminal which will double the space. work is set to begin the price tag for the project it's not small, $4 billion. but about half will come from private funding. police almost nab this reported lion roaming around milwaukee but it somehow got away. officers are scowering the city with tranquilizers rifles and k9 units. neighbors say they've been catching glimpses of the big cat on the city's north side. police are asking parents to
10:33 pm
keep their aids away from a ravine where people last spotted the animal over the weekend. >> they know it's a cat like animal. could be an, a young african lion or it could be mature mountain lion/cougar species. >> i thought the cat might come back up the hill trying to chase them. >> right. >> but he just stayed down there there. >> wow! >> that's when more cops came. >> the search for the animal has been going since last monday when somebody shot this video. certainly looks like a lion doesn't it. tell you what. that looks like scott williams which means we're talking about a heat wave. >> lucy, we're talking about the triple hs hazy, hot and humid. that's going to be the story over the neck self days. temperatures 90 degrees or better. our third heat wave of the year. feels like temperatures will peak probably about wednesday around 100 degrees. 86 degrees was the high temperature for today. just 1 degree below normal but kit get hot 100 degrees on today's date back in 1940.
10:34 pm
take a look at the temperatures across the nation right now. you can see still in the 90s in dallas texas. mid land 95. 104 in phoenix. so some of this hot air is headed in our direction over the neck several days. we'll zoom in closer right now. 77 is the popular number in reading trenton wilmington millville over to atlantic city. 77 degrees. 79 right now in philadelphia. look at the humidity. you can see it's starting to inch up there. we have 93% humidity in the pocono mountains as well as dover. 88% in millville. so that certainly something that you'll note over the next several days. increase in humidity. as well as the temperatures making it feel like tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock it's going to feel like into in philadelphia. feeling like 94 degrees in wilmington. then as we move ahead to your wednesday, those temperatures are going to feel like the mid to upper 90s across the area during the heat of the day. remember the showers and
10:35 pm
thunderstorms last night and early this morning? that system it just kind of moved through the area with heavy rain as well as little bit of lightning but right now you can see on ultimate doppler we are dry and we are quite as far as the rainfall. so as we go hour by hour tomorrow, it's going to be kind of steamy. hazy sunshine i can rule out one or two pop-up loan showers or thunderstorms kind of similar to what happened today everyone is not going to get wet but the main deal is just going to be the build in heat and humidity. 67 in the burbs. 72 degrees in the city. 91 degrees day one tomorrow of our third heat wave and then take a look. we could be talking about the hottest temperature so far this year as far as high temperature. wednesday, 96 degrees. so far the hottest this year has been 95. 94 still on thursday. maybe some late day thunderstorms. not as humid. but still staying kind of hot for friday. even into the upcoming weekend. kicking off the month of august. >> first time i've seen all
10:36 pm
seven days in the 90s. >> yeah. >> i know. >> whew, all right. thank you a trip to the fare that went very wrong. what witnesses heard before a moveing ride full of people just tipped over. >> what kind of cell phone do you use? your answer could determine whether you're at risk for the latest hack. the danger that comes with a simple text message. >> she spent weeks on her science fair. her real test was still coming. how that project saved her grandpa's life.
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♪ three men wanted for break nothing a point breeze home. tonight police need your help to catch them. these are the three men caught on surveillance camera rah at a home on the 1300 block of chadwick street on july 17th. employees say they cased the house even turning off a light bulb and then left. they did come back, broke in through a window grabbing several things before running from the home. if you know who these guys are please call police. in your money tonight a warning to all android users hackers can take down your phone with a simple little tech. 950 million phones worldwide. the problem stems from the way android phones receive incoming
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text messages. even before you open a message did you know that your phone automatically processes incomeing files including pictures, audio and videos? that means malware latent file can start speccing the phone as soon as it gets it. the bug can infect any phone using android software made in the past five years. dog owners want to listen up tonight. nature variety voluntarily recalling raw raw chicken formula for dogs because of possible sal mow little in a contamination. handling that dog food can pose a risk to human especial physical they have not watched their hands -- wash their hands after touching. so far in illness reported. >> 10-year-old missouri science project helped her save her grandfather's life. >> sophia taber's project focuses on how to tell if someone is having a stroke want to do if they are. she took second place in the science fair but her real reward came two months later. sophia was shopping with her mom and grandfather when he had a stroke. and thanks to her project
10:41 pm
sophia recognized the symptoms and told her mom call 911. >> i was trying to ask him if he was okay he was saying something but i didn't get it out. and his face was droopy on one side. >> man, she's a smart one there. medic rushed her grandfather to hospital. doctors who treated him says sophia most likely saved her grandpa's life. good for her. a man gets out of his suv for just a few minutes but it was just enough time for guys to swoop in and repossess it. what they found inside so shocking they had to call police police. >> and meet one of the most popular members of the staff at drexel university. jersey even got his own office. he's not just cute much he's got an important job to do. how this rescue dog is helping keep students healthy.
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♪ we are still staying on top of that breaking news for you tonight that wild car chase tonight through south jersey and philadelphia went through shopping malls in new jersey wept over a parking lots in and bridges and through neighborhoods in camden county. we don't know that suspect's name. this did come to an end in south philadelphia near atlantic aviation about an hour ago.
10:45 pm
we'll stay on top of this and have the latest for you on our website on "good day philadelphia" beginning at 4:00 a.m. you know repo men have to act fast but they have acted too fast in orange county flor. so fast they didn't see a 10 month old baby inside the car they were repossessing it happened in orlando today. investigators say the father of the baby left the wait range rover i wasn't tendon repo men took it and went back to their lot. >> we observed him throughout the day because we had made a couple of attempts to get the vehicle he wasn't stopping at different locations and going in places and coming out and comeing back back. that baby has been sitting in the car all day. >> the state attorney's office deciding whether to prosecute the father. >> a swing ride collapse in kentucky. >> literally had just fallen over on to its side but apparently it fell over while it was still moving. >> police say that there were no fatalityies but several victims
10:46 pm
are still recovering from their injuries. when that ride toppled over. at least 12 people came crashing down with the roller coaster at beach bend park witnesses say they heard weird noises but they twenty eight just the ride. now the focus turns to the investigation trying to figure out what went wrong. >> scary. >> it's actually two months today the pope will be holding mass on the ben franklin parkway parkway. unconfirmed reports have popped up online detailing some of the security boundaries around the city during the pope's trip. >> generated so much buzz city officials called a news conference today to set the record straight but unfortunately we didn't get a whole lot more insight. march nutter and other leaders responding to the rumors today specifically the security perimeter and a map posted by the website bill the any information about vehicle bans or restrictions is coming from unname sources and it's inaccurate and appropriate. secret service will make the final call when it comes to restrictions in the city but mayor nutter says don't expect
10:47 pm
too much information too soon. >> i'm not planning to give every nut case in the universe a significant amount of advanceed information from a security standpoint. >> city officials say more information will be releaseed sometime next week. septa was also supposed to talk today about its sail of regional rail passes for the papal visit after the disastrous launch of its designated website last week. but officials canceled that press conference at the last minute. see all it all turns out. harvard is doing it and yale and drexel university joins select few schools trying something a little different. >> it's all about improving students experiences on campus. fox 29's dawn timmeney shows us a popular new addition at the school. >> reporter: this pooch may look like any other pup going for a walk but jersey is actually a staff member at drexel university. that's right. he's an employee with his own
10:48 pm
school id and an office on the third floor of the student rec center. >> really his door is open to anybody who wants to come in and visit him while he's here. >> good boy. >> reporter: rescued from a high kill shelter in north carolina by the delaware county spca -- >> stay. >> catherine formica fostered and then adopted jersey in june of 2014 after approaching the university about having him on site as a therapy dog for students. >> at first i didn't think anyone would really grasp and i did get a few looks, are you serious? but once everyone kind of got on board and really saw the program and what it could do, i think it really, you know, proves itself now. report roar the pair went through two months of rigorous training to certify injuries see as an official therapy dog. and then it was right to work. >> good boy. i got really lucky with him because he's so smart. good boy. >> reporter: smart and sweet. this rescue has office hours two days a week. >> i do get a lot of students who come in and just, you know, can't stop talking about how
10:49 pm
awesome it is to have a dog here and they feel so much more comfortable and have that sense of home. >> reporter: two of jersey's regular visitors are senior dan resnick and soft more vander bush both who are long away from their homes in venezuela. >> warms me up in inside and i have two dogs at home. >> he crawls to kids on the floor and rolls over and shows them his belly. he's not afraid for to ask foreweigh wants. >> you like that, puppy? >> while some students come to visit jersey because their miss they are own four leg family members there's no doubt about it this cuddly karl carolina mix is a huge stress reliever. >> if you want to take a break you can always come here, pet him, smile make him smile. he's got the most beautiful smile, and just relax. really calm you down. >> so sweet. make me forget absolutely about everything that makes me mad or grumpy. so sweet and he's like --
10:50 pm
>> it lowers stress levels. it gives everyone kind of that mental break. it's lowering your heart rate petting the dog. >> reporter: sometimes students attach stigma with going to counter link center there's none associated with this guy. jersey offers comfortable environment for students to talk and serve as a catalyst to fine out about other campus options for help. >> i always say i think more than anything he's an awesome conversation starter. >> he kind of helps kids get out of their comfort zone a little bit and talk about those things they're not comfortable talking about. >> when jersey isn't spreading the love in his office, he's making his rounds on campus. >> the most amazing thing he's instantly changing people's moods and putting smiles on their face when he walks outside almost looks like he's smiling also. really kind of cool to see him around campus and spreading that happiness. >> hi, guys. >> cuddly k9 has his own facebook page, jersey dog an twitter account jersey therapy to let his fans know what he's up to and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
10:51 pm
celebrate one year on campus in september and is looking forward to many more as a drexel dragon dog. >> he gets paid in love and health insurance no one can complain about benefits. >> reporter: within /win situation for students and this popular pooch. >> dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> i just love he has an open door policy. >> got his own office. >> i know. >> why won gentlemen. >> that's right. >> all right. patriots tom brady is close to the opening of training camp with no decision yet on his four game suspension. what's the latest? the phillies have a few days left before the trade deadline set on friday. what's the latest on cole hamels and where he might go if he's traded all coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> phillies have the night off. 18 of their last nine but the clock is ticking on the team and really it's ticking on the general manager ruben amaro. trade deadline is this friday the phillies despite the recent winning streak have to make trades to build this team for the future. there's clearly a lost talk with teamsteams. many players involved in talks. the player with the real trade value is cole happen mels. phillies have talked to many teams about hamels including the la dodgers arizona diamondbacks jumped and in the texas rangers.
10:55 pm
phillies want top prospects and texas has a catching prospect who the phillies would really like to have. for ruben the clock is ticking ticking. jonathan papelbon not easy to trade with a likely $13 million contract next season. phillies have tried for months to trade ryan howard and if not traded they may have to release him and although chase utley will not be the second baseman with the phillies it's not easy to trade utley either. and all those players have to grant the approval of any trade. phillies who -- phillies need to get permission now as far as the other players that could be traded ben revere, dominic brown not easy to trade either because of the lack of interest. the player with a lot of interest jeff francoeur you won't get much for him and carlos ruiz not playing in most games any more. phillies would like to move him but no more than back-up catcher catcher. the clock ruben amaro it's ticking. there are players being traded. the second relief pitcher in the last few days changed teams
10:56 pm
tyler clip pad a closer for the oakland a's traded to the new york mets traded for a minor league pitcher teams are not excited about papelbon for various reasons. and former phillie shane victorino he's traded from the red sox to the los angeles angels for cash considerings. which i would bet the red sox are paying some of his 13 million a year through next season. minor league infielder from the angels. all right. the nfl and tom brady along with nfl players association are talking about a settlement in the top brady four game suspension. the penalty should be serve thed thed. patriots open up camp on thursday and word is that brady would like to suspension reduced to zero games. amazing. sometimes how the patriots be obviously tom brady are above the rules. they think so any way. commissioner roger goodell is getting opposition from other owners about reducing the suspension in reality this has been going on for years for the patriots. you hear reports nfl may take it to court. that's the case tom brady i
10:57 pm
want to see you testify in court and possibly perjure yourself. knock yourself out big guy. (laughter). >> they'd be looking looking at his tone closely. >> full hours of entertainment news coming up next. >> have yourself a great night.
10:58 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
10:59 pm
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: snoop says he is the victim of d.w.b. >> driving while black. van: he says he was put in the back of a police car and made to pee in a cup. harvey: he's coming back from a concert. what are the chances he's not high? >> i think zero. >> even if he's coming back from the supermarket. [laughter] brian: kanye west had a big performance. the sound cuts out on his mic. ♪ ♪ brian: he freaks out and throws the mic 40 feet in the air. he walks off. he's stunned. harvey: is somebody deliberately screwing with him? >> can you imagine anyone more fun to pull the plug on? dax: khloe kardashian released the cover of "complex" magazine on the front along with her ass.


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